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This is a project that has been going on for quite some time, due to some issues I’ve had, and lack of time. I bought this forklift model off Banggood and I thought the steering mechanism was odd and too rough. So I decided to build my own steering system, using the nRF24l01 modules. The controller I have used for this project is a controller which I built for a quadcopter. The small pallets I use in the video above, is 3D printed using my Geeetech i3 Prusa printer.

First step was to add a small servo for steering. I used my dremel to cut away some of the plastic on the model, and filed down the white part you can see on the left, so that it would fit the servo.

Then I used an Arduino UNO to figure out the code for the model. The motor driver is a TB6612FNG board. I choose it because it is very small (which is an important factor when working with such small models). I also created a power rail using some PCB board and header pins. This is handy for supplying power to all the components.

TB6612FNG board
TB6612FNG pinout

Then I swapped the UNO with an Arduino Pro Mini, which would fit better inside the forklift. The jumper wires were later swapped with soldered wires. As you might have noticed, the background color of my workbench has also changed since the last picture. Have a look at my other post, about the new workbench.

Final testing, soldering and measuring. For some weird reason I had to add a capacitor on the nRF module (which I have read about, but never ever had to do myself – until now). Seems to work properly as long as the cap is on.


And it is done!


I’m planning on building another one (as soon as it arrives in the mail), and arrange the parts/wiring a bit better. As of now I would have to dismount the top part to program the Arduino, which is kind off bugging me. Also I didn’t manage to find space for the nRF module inside the forklift, so it is sticking out of the back… Therefore I have bought some smaller ones, that I should be able to fit inside the model. Any thoughts or comments on this build? Feel free to drop it off down below.

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