New workbench, yay!

The title pretty much sums this post up. I’ve made myself a new workbench, yay! After three different types of workbenches in my little “lab”, I think I’ve managed to construct something that I won’t throw away in a while.

Anyways… Eventually I decided to build my own workbench, instead of buying one. It’s made out of 2×4″ lumber and MDF board. The main reason that I wanted to build my own, is¬†that I have never managed to be completely happy when I have bought other kinds of workbenches. The ones I’ve had before have been too small, and too clumsy for hanging tools etc.

The main frame
Boards and lights installed
Time for a break!
Arranging all the stuff…
And boom! It’s done! (Almost)
Tool area – not completely done, but it’s getting there


Almost 80cm deep, off by 1cm because I stuck it underneath the vertical back plate…
Approximately 331,5cm wide.
Neat little shelf for my printer, PS3, file holders, and the KRK speaker on top. Thinking about adding some more shelves into it eventually…
I found this to be a great way to access my mixer. Doesn’t take up the whole workbench.
Can’t have¬†enough light when working with small parts.

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