Fiat Doblo 1.3 exhaust fumes inside cab

I own a Fiat Doblo 1.3 Multijet cargo car, which recently started to leak exhaust smelling fumes inside the cab. Firstly I thought the fumes came from the flexible exhaust pipe under the car, because it is a vulnerable part. The fact that the fumes smelled strongest from behind the motor (which is just above the flexible pipe), emphasized this thought. But whatever method I tried, I just could not find a leak in it. So I tried to find other places it could come from. Therefore, my dad and I made up this simple thingamajig:

It’s just a PVC pipe with a coffee cup taped onto it. We then cut the cup to fit around one of the diesel injectors which had lots of grease and guff around it (it seemed like there could be a leak). When we smelled around the cup, there was almost no smell, but when we smelled at the top of the PVC pipe, we nearly perished, because there was an insane amount of exhaust leaking out.

Therefore I continued to investigate, and I came to the conclusion that I needed to pull out the diesel injector to inspect the condition. I looked around locally to find tools to pull it out. This was a rather hard task, and everything I found was pretty expensive. Though, earlier in the process, my dad found this guy:, and I discovered the tool set that this Italian man uses in his video. I went on eBay, and found the exact same one, and ordered it straight away. It looks like this:

And the most important part in this set is this one, because it fits perfectly onto the diesel injector. Must be the most useful tool set I have ever purchased.

Link to where you can buy this set. If the link is broken for some reason, try to search for this: “COMMON RAIL DIESEL INJECTOR EXTRACTOR SET” on eBay/AliExpress.

Information from the dealer:

Manufactured From Carbon Steel For Strength And Durability
For Removing Stuck And The Seized Common Rail Injectors Without Dismounting The Cylinder Head
Robust Construction Enables Rapid Withdrawal / Even The Most Severely Seized Injector Will Come Out With Little Fuss
Suitable For Mercedes Cdi Engines Om 611 / 612 / 613 /646 / 647 / 648 Etc
Slide Hammer: 1.75kg
Total Lenght 350mm
Adaptor: M17 X 1.0
Adaptor: M27 X 1.0 For Bosch Injector Nozzle (the one on the image above)
Adapter: Puller W/M12 X 1.75p.

Anyways, I pulled out the injector, and it was totally covered in black guff, which I scraped of with a knife. Then I noticed that the copper washer which is supposed to be the seal between the injector and the motor, was missing (the person which mounted this must have either forgotten it, or not known that it should be there). I figured that was causing the problem, and ordered a new one locally. To mount the injector with the new copper washer, I needed to bring out the injector next to it. It sounds really stupid, but I discovered that there was also no washer on this injector. So I went to get more washers… Long story short, I cleaned them both, and mounted them. It is now sealed, and the leak is gone.

If you are interested in the process of pulling out the injectors, have a look at Mr. KELLY 320’s videos on how to do it.


Good luck!

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