Tank 1.0!

Hi all! Many years ago, I had an idea to build a 3D printed RC tank. It started out as a small tank, and has since grown into this huge and more complex tank. It currently consists of over 300 3D printed parts, all of which I have drawn in CAD my self. It uses […]

nRF24L01+ tips and tricks

I have been using the nRF24L01+ modules for many different kinds of projects. From RC drones, RC boats, and the forklift, to a temperature and humidity sensor system. During the time that I have been using these modules, I have come across several problems with them. This post is mainly for listing the problems for my own personal reference, […]

RC forklift

This is a project that has been going on for quite some time, due to some issues I’ve had, and lack of time. I bought this forklift model off Banggood and I thought the steering mechanism was odd and too rough. So I decided to build my own steering system, using the nRF24l01 modules. The controller […]